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We offer a wide variety of loans for your needs. Loans require a current City of Chicago paystub unless otherwise stated. Loans applications will not be accepted or processed on the last business day of the month.

  • Consumer Loans

  • New Car Loans

  • Used Car Loans

  • No Hassle Loans - No credit check required

  • Holiday Special Loan - No credit check required

  • New Mobile Homes

  • House Trailers

  • Large Boats

  • Campers/Self-propelled Campers

  • Classic Cars/Antiques

  • Shared Secured

  • Tuition Loans

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit

Complete the online loan application and email us a copy of your current paystub to begin the loan process. 

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Our No Hassle Loans offer an easy solution for quick cash. No credit check is required, so it's easy to apply.


  • $1,500 for 6 months or $2,000 for 8 months with no interest or finance charge.

  • $100 or $150 document fee for respective loan needed at time of application along with your current City of Chicago paystub.


Please contact us for more information.

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